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Welcome to Seas At Risk, the European association of non-governmental environmental organisations working to protect and restore to health the marine environment of the European seas and the wider North East Atlantic.
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Latest Developments
picture - Parliament concludes CFP - click for more
Today the European parliament adopted the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF), concluding the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). 

picture - MEPs vote on plastic bags - click for more
Brussels, 16th April 2014 - Seas At Risk welcomes today’s vote by the European Parliament that will enable member states to ban plastic bags and that sets a strong target of 80% reduction in usage within five years. 
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picture - Norway’s U-turn on NOx limits for ships is Russian policy by the back door - click for more
Brussels, 19th March 2014 – Environmental organisations at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) are urging the Norwegian government to stop its attempt to postpone an introduction of NOx emission control areas for ships. 

picture - Belgian anti-trammel net campaign - click for more
Seas At Risk’s Belgian member organisations Natuurpunt and Sea First Federation are helping to organise an anti-trammel net campaign in Belgium, with a major beach rally planned for 1st May. 

picture - Agreement reached on a Maritime Spatial Planning Directive - click for more
Brussels 6th March 2014 - EU policy makers today reached an agreement on a Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). 

picture - Seas at Risk at the HOPE Conference - click for more
Brussels, 3-4 March 2014 -- Seas At Risk attended the Healthy Oceans - Productive Ecosystems (HOPE) conference in Brussels at the start of March. 

picture - Surfrider Foundation Europe launches its 19th Ocean Initiative - click for more
Brussels, 20-23rd March 2014 -- This week Surfrider Foundation Europe launched its 19th Ocean Initiative. After the success of last year’s campaign against single-use plastic bags, Surfrider decided to focus this year’s campaign further upstream and downstream. 

picture - Commission review gives Member States a ‘must do better’ report for Marine Strategies - click for more
Brussels, 20th February 2014. Poor implementation, poor coordination, poor integration. This, in a nutshell, is the Commission’s view of progress in implementing the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) so far.  
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picture - Joint Statement on the European Parliament’s draft report on plastic carrier bags - click for more
Brussels, March 10th 2014 - Seas at Risk is joining with a number of other organisations to issue a joint statement to alert MEPs on the Environment Committee to specific issues they have identified with the Draft ENVI Report and ongoing negotiations within the ENVI committee. 
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picture - EMFF January 2014 agreement - click for more
Brussels, 29th January 2014 --- European policy makers have reached a political agreement for the future of EU fisheries subsidies, setting aside approximately €6.5 billion in the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) that will support the EU’s fisheries sector until 2020. 
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picture - Surfrider’s white paper on maritime safety - click for more
Brussels, 12th December 2013 -- On the 14th anniversary of the 'Erika' shipwreck and four years after the adoption of the Erika III Package, Surfrider issued a ‘White Paper on Maritime Safety’ to provide food for thought on the need to bring about a new legislative package on maritime safety in Europe. 

picture - Polar Code - click for more
Brussels, 24th January 2014 – The new draft ‘Polar Code’ of safety and environmental rules fails to address the looming danger of having non ice-strengthened and poorly prepared ships in supposedly ‘ice-free’ polar waters, environmental organisations have warned.  
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picture - MRV report release January 2014 - click for more
Brussels, 9th January 2014 - Advanced emissions monitoring of large ships calling at EU ports could help save owners and operators of large ships up to €9 million/year, according to a new study [1] published jointly by Seas At Risk and Transport & Environment.  

picture - Fisheries Council slow in catching up with new CFP - click for more
Brussels, 18th December 2013. Fisheries Ministers yesterday evening agreed surprisingly fast on fishing opportunities for European fish stocks in 2014, but failed in many cases to follow scientific advice. 
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picture - MSP vote december 2013 - click for more
Brussels/ Strasbourg 12th December 2013 – The Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Management Directive was voted today in the European Parliament, with a final outcome that falls short of what is needed to support effective protection of the marine environment.  

picture - deepsea vote dec10 - click for more
Strasbourg/Brussels, 10th December 2013 --- The European Parliament voted today and undermined efforts to protect the deep sea from the most destructive fishing practices with the narrow adoption of a weak compromise agreed earlier in the Fisheries Committee by 342 to 326 votes. 


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