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The North Sea Conference process was the initial focus of Seas At Risk’s work and has remained an important part of its activities. The most recent meeting was in Gothenburg in 2006 and Seas At Risk was present to promote a number of its key issues.

Once working only from the outside (in London in 1987 and The Hague in 1990) Seas At Risk became a formal “Observer” organisation for the Copenhagen inter-ministerial meeting in 1993 and in this capacity went on to play a part at inter-ministerial North Sea Conference meetings in Esbjerg in 1995, Bergen in 1997 & 2002 and Gothenburg in 2006.

2006 Gothenburg meeting
The North Sea Ministerial Meeting on the Environmental Impact of Shipping and Fisheries took place at the Svenska Mässan conference centre in Göteborg, Sweden from the 4-5th May 2006. Ministers of Transport, Fisheries and Environment from the North Sea states as well as representatives of the European Commission were invited to participate.

The meeting focused on fisheries and shipping, two of the principle threats to the environment of the North Sea. The agenda of the meeting reflected the difficult and to-date intractable nature of many of the problems posed to the environment by these industries. The anticipation was that ministers would use the meeting to make bold and decisive interventions on key issues, clearing the political and conceptual log-jams that have so-far stopped regulators from solving the environmental problems associated with these activities. The outcome was rather different.

Full text of the Gothenburg Declaration.
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Seas At Risk’s post-Conference press release (5th May 2006).
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Seas At Risk pre-Conference press release (3rd May 2006).
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Seas At Risk demands for the Gothenburg Ministerial Meeting including an annotated version of the draft of the Ministerial Declaration.
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Seas At Risk letter to North Sea Fisheries, Transport & Environment Ministers.
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Joint Seas At Risk / Birdlife International submission on a Plan of Action for implementing an Ecosystem-based Approach to Fisheries Management in the North Sea.
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For a history of the North Sea Conference process
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Key documents from previous North Sea Conferences
For key documents from past North Sea Conference meetings including the final ministerial declaration texts and Seas At Risk's response to them click on "Archive" below.

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