Seas At Risk seminar on Low Impact Fisheries and the Reform of the CFP   Seas At Risk News Item

Brussels, 28th October 2010: Seminar conclusions point at low impact fisheries being a viable alternative to many current fishing methods with an important role to be played by the future CFP in the promotion of such fisheries.

The seminar addressed the possibilities of shifting to low impact gears, whereby the fishing industry can decrease its impacts on marine ecosystems, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower fuel costs. Several fishers presented their experience with low impact fisheries. Other presentations and panel discussions addressed problems preventing fishers from changing gears as well as policy options for the future CFP to promote low impact fisheries.

The participants arrived at the conclusion that low impact fisheries are viable and desirable, but that several measures are needed to promote such fisheries. Measures discussed included:

• financial support in the transition phase;
• technical support and sharing of best practice;
• spatial planning and separate zones for active and passive fisheries;
• a more flexible and regionalised management system;
• policy incentives such as preferential access to fish resources.

Seminar programme
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Participants list
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Seminar report
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Environmental impacts of fishing and the role of fisheries management
Friederike Ziegler, Marine Biologist, Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology
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Moving Towards Low Impact Fisheries in Europe
Jo Gascoigne, consultant, MacAlister Elliott and Partners
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Experience with Gear Shift
Peter Olsson, Burfiskarna
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Low impact fisheries in the context of the CFP reform
Niki Sporrong, Director, The Fisheries Secretariat
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The Scottish Conservation Credits Scheme
Mike Park, executive chairman of the Scottish White Fish Producers Association and Conservation Credits Steering Group member
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Isabella L๖vin, Member of the European Parliament
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Shifting from beamtrawls to passive gear: the Belgian case
Norbert Van Craeynest, ILVO
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