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Ship emissions excluded from national totals

Brussels, 3rd March 2009. The Council of Ministers has rejected a Commission proposal to count ship emissions towards national totals under a new global climate treaty if the IMO fails to agree reductions.

Ministers did however recognise that shipping emissions are growing fast and stressed that emission reduction targets for the sector “should be incorporated into the Copenhagen agreement and that Parties should commit to work through… the IMO to enable an international agreement that does not lead to competitive distortions or carbon leakage, that is agreed in 2010 and approved by 2011.”

This issue was part of a much wider debate about the EU position leading up to the Copenhagen UNFCCC meeting in December where a post-2012 climate agreement is due to be signed. The discussions will continue at the Spring European Council meeting on the 19-20th March.

Full text of the Council conclusions (2/2/09).
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