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Response to UN Secretary General Review of UN resolution 61/105

New York, 21 August 2009. The UN Secretary General Review of UN resolution 61/105 was published today.

The report, requested by the UN General Assembly, outlines the measures taken by high seas fishing nations to implement a 2006 UN General Assembly resolution designed to protect deep-ocean biodiversity from the harmful impact of deep-sea bottom trawling and other methods of bottom fishing.

The report concludes that despite progress, “implementation of the resolution has been uneven and further efforts are needed in this regard, including through the adoption and implementation of conservation and management measures to address the impacts of bottom fishing activities on vulnerable marine ecosystems."

The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) has been campaigning for over 5 years to put a stop to damage done by high seas bottom trawling to protect deep sea habitats. Matthew Gianni of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition said "This report shows that fishing States and international organisations must urgently do much more to protect deep-sea ecosystems, or else stop fishing. We will be urging the United Nations to close the loopholes and call for sanctions to halt deep-sea fishing which doesn't comply with the UN resolution all countries agreed to implement in 2006. The destruction of deep-sea biodiversity on the high seas must be brought to an end."

Full text of Deep Sea Conservation Coalition Press Release:
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United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) resolution 61/105:
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