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SAR Conference Conclusions on fleet restructuring

Brussels, 16th December 2009. The conclusions from Seas At Risk’s conference on capacity reduction and fleet restructuring can be downloaded from a link to this article in the form of a report.

The conference "Towards Sustainable Fisheries: The double challenge of restructuring and reducing the fleet", held on the 21st October 2009, focused on the Commission’s assessment that current fleet overcapacity is one of the key drivers of environmental, economic and social unsustainability in European fisheries. Seas At Risk believes that the upcoming reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) must seize the opportunity to not only reduce the capacity of the EU’s fleet, but also do it in such a way as to end up with a fleet which is more sustainable from an environmental and social perspective.

Participants at the conference arrived at several conclusions, including:

• Rights-based management can be success¬ful in giving the industry more flexibility, but only under the right conditions. It is not by itself a silver bullet to address the problem of over-capacity and may not be the best choice in all circumstances.

• Legally-binding targets on Member States (for capacity reduction) are also necessary as a supplement to rights-based approaches or to kick-start them.

• There is a need for better data on capacity and over-capacity, and better ways of characterising fleets in terms of their sustainability in the broadest sense – i.e. social and environmental as well as economic.

The report includes a summary of all sessions of the conference, as well as the background document, abstracts from speakers and a participants list.

Seas At Risk Conference report.
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Photograph by neloqua